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Medals Awarded to New Zealand Military Personnel

This website features the more common medals which have been awarded to New Zealand military personnel since the 1840s.  Please click here for more information About the NZDF Medals website.

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  • Medals Posters - locations where the updated 2020 versions of these posters can be purchased from about 1 July 2020.
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  • - Remembering the First World War - 100 Years On - Be Part of the First World War Centenary

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    - includes a search function for information on New Zealanders who died at Gallipoli.  Searchable by surname, service number, cemetery, and other keywords.

The New Zealand Roll of Honour - 3 September 1945 to the present.

About the NZDF Medals Website

This website features the more common medals which have been awarded to New Zealand military personnel since the New Zealand Wars of the 1840s and 1860s. It does not attempt to cover medals, which have been awarded to New Zealanders in very small numbers or in unique military circumstances.


Because the military history of New Zealand is inextricably linked with Britain, British medals awarded to New Zealanders have been included. This recognises the fact that many living New Zealanders have been the recipients of British based awards in the past. Both the British and New Zealand system of awards have seen considerable change over the past two decades and a range of indigenous New Zealand awards has now replaced British military and state awards.

The main focus of this website is on military awards, however many military personnel have been, and still are, recipients of the same State Honours which are awarded to the civilian population. Brief coverage of both the British and New Zealand State Honours have been included for that reason.


 This page was last reviewed 12 February, 2020 and is current.

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