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New Zealand Gallantry and Bravery Awards - The New Zealand Gallantry Medal (NZGM)

Obverse View

The New Zealand Gallantry Medal (NZGM) obverse view

Reverse View

The New Zealand Gallantry Medal (NZGM) reverse view

About the New Zealand Gallantry Medal

The New Zealand Gallantry Medal (NZGM) was instituted in 1999 as part of a Government move to replace British awards for gallantry with distinctively New Zealand awards. The NZGM replaced the Mention in Despatches, the Commendation for Brave Conduct and the Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air.

The NZGM is bronze and circular in shape, bearing on the obverse the Effigy of the Sovereign within the Royal Styles and Titles for New Zealand. On the reverse is the inscription "FOR GALLANTRY - MO TE TOANGA" within a wreath of New Zealand fern fronds ensigned by a Royal Crown.

The NZGM is awarded ‘for acts of gallantry'. Recipients of this award are entitled to use the postnominal letters N.Z.G.M. after their names.

About the ribbon

The ribbon is 36 mm in width, with nine narrow vertical stripes of crimson, white, crimson, purple, crimson, purple, crimson, white, and crimson.

Royal Warrant

The Royal Warrant for the New Zealand Gallantry Awards (which includes the New Zealand Gallantry Medal) can be viewed here.


There are no separate Regulations for this award. The administration instructions are included in the Royal Warrant.

Clasps and Bars

Bars can be awarded for subsequent acts of gallantry. The bars are made of bronze, are oblong in shape, and bear two New Zealand fern fronds.

Order of Wear

The position of this award in the Wearing of Medals in New Zealand Table can be viewed here.

Further Information

Further information on the New Zealand Gallantry Medal is available on the New Zealand Honours Unit (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet) website.

Media Statements concerning the New Zealand Gallantry Medal

Recipients of the New Zealand Gallantry Medal