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Other New Zealand Medals and Awards - The New Zealand Memorial Plaque

Obverse View

The New Zealand Memorial Plaque obverse view

About the New Zealand Memorial Plaque

The New Zealand Memorial Plaque was awarded to the next of kin of New Zealand servicemen and women who were killed while serving overseas, or who died of wounds received while serving overseas, during the First World War. The plaque is not designed to be worn.

The next of kin of New Zealand Mercantile Marine personnel who lost their lives through enemy action during the First World War or later died of injuries caused by enemy action were awarded the Mercantile Marine Memorial Plaque.

The plaques show Britannia bestowing a laurel crown on a rectangular tablet bearing the full name of the dead service person in raised lettering.  In front of Britannia stands the British lion, with dolphins in the upper field, an oak branch in the lower right, and a lion cub clutching a fallen eagle at the very bottom of the plaque.

The inscription around the circumference reads HE (or SHE) DIED FOR FREEDOM AND HONOVR.

A parchment scroll was issued with each plaque giving the deceased's name and unit or ship.

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Royal Warrant

There is no Royal Warrant for the New Zealand Memorial Plaque.


Administration instructions are included in the Regulations.

Clasps and Bars

There are no clasps or bars associated with this award.

Order of Wear

This award is not included in the order of wear. This is because the plaque is not designed to be worn.

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