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Miscellaneous New Zealand Medals and Awards

This group comprises medals and awards issued to the next of kin of those who lost their lives in the service of New Zealand, awards which commemorate significant events, and medals and awards which recognise the highest levels of small-arms shooting skills among service personnel. Some of these awards, such as the ANZAC Commemorative Medallion, are not designed to be worn, but are included because they were issued for service and sacrifice. Another category of awards is the Commendations made by the Chief of Defence Force and the Service Chiefs and the New Zealand Defence Force Commendation to recognise particularly high levels of performance or achievement by military and civilian NZDF personnel.

Note: Information on the New Zealand Special Service Medal (NZSSM) can be found in the New Zealand Special Service Medals section of the NZDF Medals website.

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The Ribbons of Miscellaneous New Zealand Medals and Awards can be viewed here.