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New Zealand Special Service Medal (Asian Tsunami)

initial list of 163 persons eligible for the award of the New Zealand Special Service Medal (Asian Tsunami) - 26 December 2005

The following 163 persons who served in a devastated area in the first two months after the disaster, have already been identified as eligible for the New Zealand Special Service Medal, (NZSSM), (Asian Tsunami).

This list includes 64 New Zealand Defence Force medical and infantry personnel, 62 New Zealand Police personnel, 14 New Zealand civilians who operated with the New Zealand Police Disaster Victim Identification teams, six Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade staff, six World Vision New Zealand volunteers, five New Zealand Red Cross personnel, four Oxfam New Zealand volunteers, one New Zealander working for Save the Children Sri Lanka, and one New Zealand media correspondent.

Devastated areas in which New Zealanders were involved in relief and recovery work include Banda Aceh (Indonesia), Phuket (Thailand), Galle (Sri Lanka), Male (The Maldives), and the Andaman Islands.

Update - 16 September 2019: The New Zealand Defence Force is still accepting applications for the medal.

The additional list of persons awarded the New Zealand Special Service Medal (Asian Tsunami) since 2005 can be found here.

New Zealand Defence Force (location of service: Banda Aceh, Indonesia)

  • Lance Corporal Jason Affleck
    Corporal Troy Ambler
    Private Hayden Anderson
    Captain Ian Barrett
    Lance Corporal Kurt Brighouse
    Lance Corporal Daniel Brown
    Brigadier Anne Campbell
    Lance Corporal Quentin Carmont
    Lieutenant Hayley Claridge
    Captain Jacqueline Claridge
    Lance Corporal James Collins
    Able Medic Philippa Duke
    Private Norman Ekdahl
    Staff Sergeant Shelley Eriksson
    Captain Shaun Fitzell
    Lance Corporal Peter Fitzwater
    Sergeant Shane Foster
    Able Medic Joanna Fraser
    Captain Rosemary Fraser
    Lance Corporal Carley Frederickson
    Major Bryn Gradwell
    Private Samuel Gray
    Private Kynan Griffiths
    Corporal Ian Higgison
    Trooper Lyall Jellyman
    Corporal Phillip Johnston
    Corporal Daiman Katu
    Corporal Murray MacAulay
    Staff Sergeant Linda Manuel
    Major Jon Martin
    Lance Corporal Kane McCollum
    Acting Sergeant Shaun McLaughlin
    Private Zane Miller
    Lance Corporal Michelle Moroney
    Major Paul Nealis
    Private Scott Ogden
    Captain Georgina Parata-Turvey
    Chaplain Donald Parker
    Trooper Simon Paton
    Major Charmaine Pene
    Private Richard Pfister
    Private Thomas Pihema
    Leading Medic Amy Plaisted
    Acting Sergeant Lisa Pomana
    Private Gareth Pratt
    Colonel Mason Ramsay
    Captain Mark Richards
    Acting Captain Hayden Ricketts
    Private Simon Ritson
    Captain Grant Smith
    Chief Petty Officer Medic Gregory Staines
    Staff Sergeant Noel Swift
    Lance Corporal Paul Tam
    Acting Lance Corporal Luke Tamatea
    Captain Charmaine Tate
    Private Brent Thornton
    Major Lee Turner
    Private Matias Ureta
    Private Stephen Van Deursen
    Lance Corporal Cheryl Ward
    Lance Corporal Rua Watson
    Major Richard Weston
    Lieutenant Colonel Evan Williams
    Lance Corporal Craig Wisnewski

New Zealand Police (location of service: Phuket, Thailand)

  • Julian Atkins
    Constable Mark Beddek
    Constable Jonathon Bishop
    Senior Constable Bruce Bogun
    Constable Mark Bond
    Constable Keith Bunting
    Detective Inspector Michael Bush
    Constable Merrin Dancy
    Sergeant Brock Davis
    Constable Paul Donaldson
    Sergeant Dene Duthie
    Inspector John Fairley
    Steven Gibson
    Senior Constable Christopher Gladstone
    Senior Sergeant Ronald Greatorex
    Constable Alan Hendrickson
    Sergeant Joanne Holden
    Senior Constable David Hooker
    Mark Humphries
    Sergeant Bruce Johnston
    Detective Sergeant Mark Kaveney
    Detective Senior Sergeant Russell Le Prou
    Senior Sergeant Geoffrey Logan
    Constable Brett Main
    Superintendent Sandra Manderson
    Sergeant Anthony Matheson
    Superintendent Hamish McCardle
    Constable John McGrail
    Inspector Craig McKay
    Helen McLeod
    Detective Sergeant Richard McPhail
    Superintendent Grant Nicholls
    Constable Mark Oliver
    Detective Sarn Paroli
    Constable James Patrick
    Detective Kelvin Penney
    Senior Sergeant John Price
    Senior Constable Barry Shepherd
    Constable Philip Simmonds
    Constable David Stone
    Sergeant Peter Summerfield
    Sergeant Anthony Tully
    John Turner
    Constable Stephen Watts
    Sergeant Glenn Williams
    Constable Karl Wilson
    Senior Sergeant Michael Wright

New Zealand civilians who operated with the New Zealand Police Disaster Victim Identification teams in Phuket, Thailand

  • David Antunovic
    Gordon Belich
    Warren Bell
    Ian de Terte
    Julius Keiser
    Zafer Khouri
    Wayne Laing
    Vivienne Levy
    Robert Peters
    Geoffrey Ruthe
    Rodney Smith
    Simon Stables
    Hugh Trengrove
    Jane Vuletic

New Zealand Red Cross  (

  • Douglas Clark (location of service: Galle, Sri Lanka)
    Colleen Clarke (location of service: Aceh Province, Indonesia)
    Robert McEwan (location of service: Aceh Province, Indonesia)
    Marion Picken (location of service: Aceh Province, Indonesia)
    Jerry Talbot (location of service: Male, The Maldives)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (location of service: Phuket, Thailand)

  • Brett Bartos
    Sarah Craig
    Kevin Kay
    Graeme McGuire
    Jeremy Palmer
    Lyndal Walker

Oxfam New Zealand  (

  • Les Collins (location of service: Aceh Province, Indonesia)
    Kate Medlicott (location of service: Batticaloa, Sri Lanka)
  • Dave Neru (location of service: Aceh Province, Indonesia)
    Richard Weaver (location of service: Batticaloa, Sri Lanka)

Save The Children, Sri Lanka

  • Tracey Edginton (location of service: southern Sri Lanka)

World Vision New Zealand

  • Brett Campbell (location of service: Aceh Province, Indonesia)
    Sriya Fernando (location of service: Ampara, Sri Lanka)
    Heather MacLeod (location of service: Aceh Province, Indonesia)
    Judy Moore (location of service: southern India)
    Alex Snary (location of service: the Andaman Islands)
    Aaron Ward (location of service: Aceh Province, Indonesia)

New Zealand media

  • Charlotte Glennie (location of service: Phuket and Banda Aceh)

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