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British Commonwealth War and Campaign Medals Awarded to New Zealanders - The Rhodesia Medal

Obverse View

The Rhodesia Medal obverse view

Reverse View

The Rhodesia Medal reverse view

About the Rhodesia Medal

The Rhodesia Medal was instituted in 1980 to recognise service in Rhodesia, prior to and during the independence elections. The start date for qualifying service towards the award of the Rhodesia Medal is 1 December 1979, with the end date for qualifying service being 20 March 1980.

On 23 and 25 December 1979, 74 New Zealand military personnel arrived in Rhodesia to serve as cease-fire monitors under the command of Colonel David Moloney, New Zealand Army.  These personnel left the operational area on 5 March 1980 after the successful settlement of the Rhodesian dispute  and the establishment of the independent state of Zimbabwe.

Royal Warrant

Campaign Medals are instituted by Warrants signed by the reigning Sovereign at the time they are instituted. Originals of Warrants can often be found in Medals Publications, Archives, Libraries and Museums.

Medal Regulations

The Regulations for the Rhodesia Medal can be viewed here.

Clasps and Bars

There are no clasps or bars for this medal.

Order of Wear

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Further Information on the Service in Rhodesia by New Zealand military personnel

For a detailed discussion of the involvement of New Zealand military personnel as part of the Commonwealth Monitoring Force in Rhodesia please consult John Crawford¸ In The Field for Peace: New Zealand’s Contribution to International Peace-Support Operations: 1950-1995, published by the New Zealand Defence Force in 1996.  See pages 24 to 26.  This book is available in public libraries throughout New Zealand.