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Foreign Campaign Medals Awarded to New Zealanders - The Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

Obverse View

The Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal obverse view

Reverse View

The Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal reverse view

About the Pingat Jasa Malaysia

This Malaysian medal was instituted by the King of Malaysia for award to British Commonwealth personnel who served during the Malayan Emergency and the Confrontation. In 2005, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II approved its acceptance and wear by eligible New Zealand personnel.

The Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) medal is awarded to those who served in Malaya / Malaysia for at least 90 days, between 31 August 1957 and 31 December 1966. Service in Singapore between 31 August 1957 and 9 August 1965 is also recognised by the PJM medal.

The start date for the medal is 31 August 1957, because this is the date that Malaya / Malaysia became an independent nation.

Since 2005, the PJM has been issued to more than 3,800 New Zealanders. NZDF estimates that at least another 1,000 eligible ex-New Zealand military personnel have not yet applied for the award of the PJM.

About the ribbon

The ribbon is a 35mm corded ribbon. The individual colours and widths of the five vertical stripes are as follows: 4.5mm yellow, 7mm blue, 12mm red, 7mm blue and 4.5mm yellow. The colours are those of the Malaysian flag. The blue is a quite bright medium blue.

Medal Regulations

The criteria for ex-New Zealand military personnel to be awarded the PJM medal can be viewed here.

The service which has been deemed eligible by the Malaysian Government for receipt of the PJM medal is substantially broader than the existing New Zealand definition of operational service in Malaysia which currently attracts New Zealand medallic recognition. Non-operational service is also recognised by the PJM Medal. It is estimated that 700 personnel who did not qualify for a New Zealand medal are eligible to be awarded a PJM medal for various service in and around Singapore, Borneo and the Malay Peninsula.

Clasps and Bars

No clasps or bars were issued for this medal.

Order of Wear

The position of this medal in the Wearing of Medals in New Zealand Table can be viewed here.

The reason why the PJM is worn before the South Vietnamese Campaign Medal is that the PJM is an award from a Commonwealth nation of which The Queen is not head of state. It is therefore worn before all foreign awards (such as the South Vietnamese Campaign Medal), but after awards from Commonwealth countries of which The Queen is head of state (for example, Australian awards, including the INTERFET Medal).

Media Statements concerning the Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal

How to apply

To apply for the PJM medal please complete either NZDF Medals Office Form No. 1 (for your own medal) or Form No. 2 (for the medal of a deceased relative).

Royal New Zealand Navy Deployments Eligible for the PJM medal

HMNZS Royalist 31 August 1957 to 18 June 1958
HMNZS Rotoiti 22 May 1958 to 11 March 1959
HMNZS Pukaki 6 June 1959 to 15 March 1960
HMNZS Rotoiti 17 April 1960 to 15 February 1961
HMNZS Royalist 22 February 1961 to 12 July 1961
HMNZS Pukaki 9 July 1961 to 23 May 1962
HMNZS Taranaki 18 May 1962 to 12 March 1963
HMNZS Otago 5 June 1963 to 25 November 1963
HMNZS Taranaki 15 December 1963 to 20 August 1964
HMNZS Otago 15 October 1964 to 10 May 1965
HMNZS Royalist 20 May 1965 to 29 October 1965
HMNZS Santon 10 April 1965 to 25 November 1965
HMNZS Hickleton 12 April 1965 to 27 November 1965
HMNZS Taranaki 3 November 1965 to 23 April 1966
HMNZS Santon 26 November 1965 to 20 May 1966
HMNZS Hickleton 28 November 1965 to 30 July 1966

Personnel who served on two or more of the following five RNZN deployments may be eligible for the PJM medal if their total number of days of qualifying service (as indicated in brackets) is 90 days or more:

HMNZS Royalist 25 March 1959 to 10 June 1959  (53.5 days’ qualifying service)
HMNZS Otago 23 February 1962 to 26 March 1962  (27 days’ qualifying service)
HMNZS Royalist 14 March 1963 to 26 June 1963  (75.5 days’ qualifying service)
HMNZS Royalist 19 May 1964 to 17 July 1964  (33 days’ qualifying service)
HMNZS Otago 29 April 1966 to 2 September 1966  (67.5 days’ qualifying service)

Other Campaign Medals awarded to New Zealanders for service in Malaya / Malaysia / Singapore between 1957 and 1966

Ex-British military personnel living in New Zealand

Ex-British military personnel who served in Malaya / Malaysia or Singapore must apply for the PJM medal via the United Kingdom system. The application information is on