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This website is intended to give general coverage of most of the medals which have been awarded to New Zealand military personnel from the Boer War in 1899 to the present day. Information on applying for medals and FAQs can be found here. An index of medals discussed or featured on the NZDF Medals website can be accessed here. Breaking Medals News can be viewed here.

For those who seek a more detailed coverage of honours, decorations, medals and awards see our comprehensive Bibliography here, and list of links to other medallic websites here.

1) New Zealand Defence Service Medal

The online application form for the NZDSM. Just click on the How to Apply Online button below.

How to apply online for the NZ Defence Service Medal

Paper application forms can be downloaded from our Application Forms page.

Our NZDSM online contact form can be used to submit general questions about the NZDSM, and updating information or providing additional information about your application.

Note: The NZDSM contact form is not an application form.

If you want to speak to someone about a NZDSM related question you can phone us on 0800 334 772 (select Option 2) during business hours.

Information for current serving NZDF military personnel: NZDSMs are being issued via single Services from October 2011. The medals will be issued by the Medals Office in roughly the order of when personnel joined the NZDF, with the longest serving current military personnel receiving their medal first.

Current serving personnel will NOT be required to apply for the medal. Current serving personnel are instructed NOT to directly contact the Medals Office, the HRSC or single Service HQs concerning this medal, as this will simply delay the issue of the medal to the oldest ex-Service persons. Also see our NZDSM FAQ page, including " I am currently serving in the NZ Defence Force. When can I add the NZDSM to my ribbon bar?"

2) Other medals

The electronic contact form for enquiries about medals eligibility, issuing or replacement of medals can be accessed here.


1. The contact form is not an application form.

2. Application forms can be found on our Application Forms page.

3. If you are making a general enquiry about your medal entitlement, or that of a family member, please include military service number (if known), dates served in the military and date of birth, so we can find the correct military file.

Please also see the General enquiries about medals awarded to you or a family member section of our website.

Enquiries can also be made in writing, by phone, or by fax:

The Medals Office
Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force
Private Bag 905

Ph (04) 527 5270
Fax (04) 527 5279


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