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A medal is instituted by the Sovereign by means of a Royal Warrant. The Royal Warrant names the medal, gives the reason why it has been created, details the medal's design, and in many cases describes the colour of its ribbon. The Government then often issues separate Regulations for the award and administration of the medal, and it is this document which sets the eligibility criteria and qualifying service for its award. If no separate Regulations have been issued for an award, the eligibility criteria, qualifying service, and administration information are contained in the Royal Warrant for the award.

Eligibility is usually based on service in a particular branch of the Armed Forces, service in a specific area of operations, and a qualifying length of time spent in that area. Personnel who meet all of the eligibility criteria may be awarded the medal. The Royal Warrants and the Regulations for many medals awarded to New Zealanders are published in this website. They can be accessed from individual medal pages.

Application Forms (for Your Own Medals or for deceased family members medals)

1) Applications for medals by ex-servicemen and women need to be made on an official NZDF medal application form.

2) Medal approvals for currently serving military personnel are identified and staffed by NZDF Personnel Archives and Medals. No application is required. But if it is more than six months since you believe you qualified for a medal, or for a second clasp to a medal (e.g. REGULAR in addition to TERRITORIAL Clasp to the New Zealand Defence Service Medal), please contact NZDF Personnel Archives and Medals via our electronic contact form for enquiries about medals eligibility, issuing or replacement of medals.

Applying for miniatures

Information on applying for your own miniatures can be found here.

Information on obtaining miniatures of your family members' medals can be found here.

General enquiries about medals awarded to you or a family member

Information on how to make a general enquiry on medal entitlement (for you or for a family member) or on which medals have already been issued (and when) can be found here.

Information on the wearing of family members' medals

Information on the wearing of medals by family members can be found on the Wearing Medals page of the NZDF Medals website.

Replacing Lost or Stolen Medals

Lost or stolen medals can only be replaced during the lifetime of the person to whom they were originally awarded. To do so please follow the instructions for replacing lost or stolen medals, which can be found on our medal application forms page.

Medals Office News - 11 September 2007

On 27 August 2007, Willie Walker, the Staff Officer Medals since 1992, retired.  More information on Willie Walker's career and retirement can be found in the Army News article published about Willie Walker on 11 September 2007.


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