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Chief of NavY Commendation Regulations (current as at 18 August 2015)

NZBR 23 - Defence Force Orders (Navy), Chapter 42


4202. General

  1. The CN Commendation is available to officers, ratings and civilians whose contributions to the RNZN deserve formal recognition but which may not be covered by the criteria for awards from the sovereign. Nominations may be made at any time through normal command channels. The awards will be personally approved and presented by the CN.
  2. The purpose of the CN Commendation is to:
    1. Provide formal recognition of personal endeavours.
    2. Assist in promoting job and career satisfaction particularly in areas where valuable service seldom leads to other forms of recognition.
    3. Contribute to incentives to excel or perform to a higher standard.
    4. Recognise outstanding achievements or special service by units of the RNZN.
  3. A CN Commendation may be awarded to all officers and ratings of the RNZN and RNZNVR, to civil staff employed by the Navy, and to ships and establishments of the RNZN.
  4. There is no limit to the number of commendations that may be awarded.

4203. Nominations

  1. Nominations may be submitted by any serving officer or SR (or civilian equivalent) to a CO at any time. The CO is to initiate a formal nomination for the award using the format at “Annex 42A - Form RNZN187 Nomination for a Chief of Navy Commendation”. The recommendation, accompanied by a draft citation prepared iaw the guidelines at paragraph 3, is to be forwarded to the CN through DCN/MCC [Deputy Chief of Navy / Maritime Component Commander].
  2. There are three categories of citation:
    1. Acts of bravery and personal risk.
    2. Outstanding achievement and performance of duty demonstrating resourcefulness, initiative, diligence and devotion.
    3. Valuable contribution to the RNZN.
  3. Guidelines for preparing citations. The citation should be prepared within the following guidelines:
    1. Outline of service.
      1. Personal details.
      2. Post held or specialist field.
      3. Key posts associated with award.
    2. Actions worthy of recognition, for example:
      1. Outstanding performance of special tasks
      2. Attention to detail and persistent efforts to overcome difficulties.
      3. Outstanding achievements.
      4. Non operational acts of bravery.
    3. Valedictory finish, with comments where appropriate on such attributes as:
      1. Loyalty.
      2. Diligence, enthusiasm.
      3. Devotion, dedication.
      4. Professional ability or skill.

4204. Recommendation for Higher Award

Before making a recommendation for a CN Commendation, the CO is to consider whether the nominee deserves a higher award and if so, take action to nominate the officer or rating accordingly. Where a higher award is not recommended, the form is to be endorsed in the appropriate section and, if appropriate, a separate memorandum explaining why a higher award should not be made is to be attached to the application form. Nomination for a higher award does not debar the award of a CN Commendation in respect of the same service or action.

4205. Award and Presentation

  1. The names of officers and ratings whose efforts are recognised by the award of a CN Commendation, together with the citation, will be published by navy order. Following approval of a commendation, the citation and the CN Commendation Badge will be sent to the recipient through his or her CO.
  2. The commendation certificate, citation and CN Commendation Badge are to be presented by the recipient's CO if the CN is not available to do so personally. The full citation is to be read out at the presentation ceremony.
  3. The Flag Lt to CN is to forward a copy of the citation to the Personnel Services Officer (PERSO) with a covering minute stating the recipient’s name and date of the award. SAP HCM action is to be taken to record the award of the commendation and a copy is to be enclosed in the recipient’s MD 602. For civil staff, a covering minute and a copy of the commendation is to be forwarded to the Officer Manager, Civil Staff Administration for recording on SAP HCM and filing on the recipient’s Personal File (PF).

4206. Award of Commendation to Units

  1. A CN Commendation may be awarded to a ship or establishment on the recommendation of the DCN or operational commander. Such awards are made to the unit as an entity and are to be retained by the ship or establishment.
  2. The citation is to be prominently displayed in the ship or establishment. A CN Commendation Badge is not issued for unit commendations.

 This page was last reviewed 18 August, 2015 and is current.

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