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The Air crew Europe Star Eligibility Rules



The Air Crew Europe Star is granted for operational flying form United Kingdom bases over Europe (including the United Kingdom) from the 3rd September, 1939, to the 5th June, 1944 (inclusive).

Airborne Service

  1. The qualification for army personnel who were posted for aircrew duties (para. 6) is four months' (120 days') service (except as in para. (ii) below) in a R.A.F. operational unit, 60 days of which was service in an operational unit engaged in operational flying over the area defined above. At least one qualifying sortie must have been made during the period of 60 days. The Air Crew Europe Star may not be awarded until the 1939-45 Star has been qualified for by either
    1. 60 days' service in an air operational unit in addition to the 60 days required for the Air Crew Europe Star, or
    2. not less than 180 days' operational service elsewhere, in addition to the 60 days' service required for the Air Crew Europe Star (notwithstanding the grant of a special award under para. 10(i) or 15).
  2. In cases where before joining an air operational unit, operational service of over four months (but under 180 days) has been rendered elsewhere, service in the air operational unit may be added to this former service in order to qualify for the 1939-45 Star under the 180 days' rule, and service may then be aggregate to qualify for the Air Crew Europe Star.


  1. Although air service may be added to army service to qualify for the 1939-45 Star under the 180 days' rule, army service may not be added to air service to qualify for this award under the 60 days' rule.
  2. The rules for counting time spent as a prisoner of war or evading capture, or after escape or liberation and the conditions of the special award of this star are stated in Section I.

25.Clasps (Alternative Awards)

  1. Personnel qualifying for the Air Crew Europe, the France and Germany or the Atlantic Star, or two of these stars, will be awarded only the campaign star for which they first qualified. They will, however, be awarded a clasp to show that they rendered qualifying service for a second star. A further clasp will not be awarded to those who rendered service which would have qualified for the third star.
  2. A silver rose emblem, denoting the award of the clasp, will be worn on the riband of the Campaign Star awarded, when the star itself is not worn.
  3. Personnel who made sorties against targets on land and at sea from the same unit do not thereby qualify for both the Air Crew Europe Star and the Atlantic Star. In such cases the star appropriate to the normal function of the unit at the material time will be awarded without a clasp, except when the latter has been earned by other service. Cases of difficulty in applying this rule will be referred to the War Office (A.G. 4 Medals) for decision before an award is made.

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