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The Burma Star Regulations


37. General

The Burma Star is granted for operational service in the Burma Campaign between the 11th December, 1941, and the 2nd September, 1945, and also for certain specified service in China, Malaya and Sumatra.

Land Service

  1. The qualification for army personnel for service on land is entry as part of the
  2. establishment into operational service in the area defined in para. 38.
  3. The undermentioned categories are eligible to qualifying for the Burma Star
  4. for operational service during the periods shown:-
From To
British Army Aid Groups, South-China (Full-time bona fide civilian agents employed in operational subversive activities) 16.2.42 2.9.45
Burma Irregular Forces (Enrolled guerrillas under the command of officers of Force 136) 11.12.41 2.9.45
Hong-Kong Volunteer Defence Corps 26.12.41 2.9.45
Malayan Guerillas (Enrolled guerrillas under the command of officers of Force 136). 16.2.42 2.9.45

38. Qualifying Land Areas

The qualifying areas for the Burma Star are:-

From To
Burma 11.12.41 2.9.45
Bengal and Assam 1.5.42 31.12.43
Bengal and Assam (East of the Brahmaputra And Dihang Rivers) 1.1.41 2.9.45
China 16.2.42 2.9.45
Hong-Kong 26.12.41 2.9.45
Malaya 16.2.42 2.9.45
Sumatra 24.3.42 2.9.45


  1. Service in China on or after 11th December, 1941, to 15th February, 1942, or in Malay on or after 8th December, 1941, to 15th February, 1942, or in the Sumatra on or after 14th February, 1942 to 23rd March, 1942, or in Hong Kong on or after 8th December, 1941 to 25 December, 1941, is a qualification for the Pacific Star.
  2. Service in the operations shown in para. 15 (iii)–other than in the North-West Frontier province of India or in Malaya–qualifies for the Burma Star in additional to the special award of the 1939-45 Star.
  3. The conditions for a special award of the Burma Star for 30 days' service in the qualifying area on visits, journeys and inspections are stated in Section I.

39. Airborne Service

  1. Airborne troops of the army who have taken part in airborne operational in a qualifying army area for land operations qualify by entry into operational service.
  2. Aircrew who flew over the qualifying land and sea areas within the dates specified qualify by an operational sortie.
  3. Non-aircrew service on land qualifies under the conditions laid down in paragraph 37.
  4. The qualification for flying personnel posted or employed on transport or ferrying duties in the air will be at least three landings in any of the qualifying areas shown in sub-para. 38 during the stipulated dates.

40. Sea-going Service

  1. The qualification for army personnel posted for duty in sea-going vessels (para. 7) in direct or close support (i.e., within visual contact) of land operations is “entry into operational service” as for land service.
    1. For other service afloat, “entry into operational service” is subject to the qualification that the 1939-45 Star has previously been qualified for by 180 days' operational service.
    2. Causal entry into the qualifying area, e.g., service in ships proceeding from Colombo to Trincomalee in order to refit, will not be a qualification.

    Note.–The qualifying conditions for a special award of this star are stated in Section I.

  2. Last six months. - Personnel who entered operational service in the qualifying sea area on, or after, the 7th March, 1945, and did not thereafter serve in the area qualifying for the Pacific Star (subject to the rule as to “causal entry”) may qualify for the Burma Star by “entry into operational service” and the six months' time qualification is waived. In such cases, except for a special award under para. 10 (i), the 1939-45 Star may not be awarded for service of less than 180 days.

41. Qualifying Sea Areas

The qualifying sea areas for the award of the Burma Star area the Bay of Bengal enclosed by a line running from eh Southernmost point of Ceylon for a distance of 300 miles South thence to a point 300 miles West of the Southernmost point of Sumatra and continuing East to the western side of Sunda Strait. The Malacca Strait is included.

42. Clasp (Alternative Award)

  1. The Burma Star and the Pacific Star are alternative awards. Personnel whose service qualified for both the Burma and the Pacific Stars, will be awarded only the campaign star for which they first qualified. They will, however, be awarded a clasp to show that they rendered service which qualified for the second star.
  2. A silver rose emblem denoting the award of the clasp will be worn on the ribbon of the campaign star awarded, when the star itself is not worn.

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