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The France And Germany Star Eligibility Rules


48. General

The France and Germany Star is granted for operational service in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany between the 6th June, 1944 and the 8th May, 1945, inclusive.

Land Service

  1. The qualification for army personnel is entry as part of the establishment into operational service in the area defined in para. 49.

    Note. - The conditions for a special award of the France and Germany Star for 30 days' service in the qualifying area on visits, journeys and inspections, are stated in Section I.

49. Qualifying Land Areas

The qualifying areas are:-

From To
France ) 6.6.44 8.5.45
Belgium )
Luxembourg )
Holland )
Germany )

Note. - Army personnel who entered Austria may not qualify for this award, as their service is recognised by the grant of the Italy Star.

50. Airborne Service

  1. Airborne troops of the Army (para. 6) who have taken part in airborne operations will qualify by “entry into operational service”.
  2. Aircrew who flew on operations against the enemy over Europe or over the sea area (para. 52) in direct support of land operations, will qualify by one operational sortie. Other operations at sea and sorties from the Mediterranean area will not qualify.
  3. Non-aircrew service on land qualifies under para. 48.
  4. The qualification for flying personnel posted or employed on air transport or ferrying duties will be three landings in Europe from bases in the United Kingdom. Flights to Europe from bases in the Mediterranean area will be a qualification for the Italy Star and not for the France and Germany Star.

51. Sea-going Service

  1. The qualification for army personnel posted for duty in sea-going vessels (para. 7) in direct or close support (i.e., within visual contact) of land operations is “entry into operational service,” as for service on land, e.g., service in Merchant Navy vessels transporting troops, stores, etc., at ports in connection with operations.
  2. “Casual entry” into the qualifying sea areas, will not be a qualification.

52. Qualifying Sea Areas

The qualifying sea area is the North Sea South of a line form the Firth of Forth to Kristiansand (South), in the English Channel and in the Bay of Biscay East of Longitude 6° West, provided such service was directly in support of land operations in France, Belgium, Holland or Germany.

53. Clasp (Alternative Award)

  1. Personnel qualifying for the France and Germany Star, the Atlantic Star or the Air Crew Europe Star, or two of these stars, will be awarded only the campaign star for which they first qualified. They will, however, be awarded a clasp to show that they rendered qualifying service for a second star. A further clasp will not be awarded to those who rendered service which would have qualified for the third star.
  2. A silver rose emblem, denoting the clasp, will be worn on the ribbon of the campaign star awarded when the star is not worn.
  3. Personnel who made air sorties against targets on land and at sea (para. 21) form the same unit do not thereby qualify for both the France and Germany Star and the Atlantic Star. In such cases the star appropriate to the normal function of the unit at the material time will be awarded without a clasp, except when the latter has been earned by other service. Cases of difficulty in applying this rule will be referred to the War Office (A.G. 4 Medals) for decision, before an award is made.

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