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The War Medal 1939-45 Eligibility Rules


64. General

The War Medal 1939-45 is granted for full-time service in the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy during the period 3rd September, 1939, to 2nd September, 1945, inclusive.

Army Qualifications

  1. The qualification for army personnel will be 28 days' service wherever rendered.
  2. Full-time paid members of the specially approved colonial and other military forces, militarised police or militarised civilian bodies, eligible to qualify for campaign stars as shown in sub-paras. 14 (ii), 26 (ii), 31 (ii), 37 (ii), will also be eligible to qualify for the War Medal 1939-45 for 28 days' service during the qualifying period laid down for the force concerned.
  3. The undermentioned paid full-time members of colonial and other military forces, militarised police and militarised civilian bodies are eligible to qualify for War Medal 1939-45 by 28 days' service during the periods shown below (part-time personnel may not count periods of full-time service while training or on courses of instruction).
From To
Aden Armed Police 3. 2.39 2. 9.45
British Honduras Defence Force 3. 9.39 3.12.39
British Guiana Constabulary (excluding 3. 9.39 14. 7.45
those who ceased to belong to the Force
for reasons other than death, ill-health, or
British Guiana Military Band 29. 4.42 8. 5.45
Cyprus Police Force (employed on full-time 10. 6.40 12. 6.41
Military Service).
Cyprus Volunteer Force 2. 6.41 2. 9.45
Gambia Police Force 5. 7.40 17. 8.40
Gambia (Army Inland Water Transport - 21. 7.42 31. 5.44
S.S. Munshi).
Gibraltar Defence Force 3. 9.39 2. 3.40
Nigeria Police Force 23. 7.40 8. 5.45
Palestine Police Force 27. 5.42 8. 5.45
Sudan Defence Force (full-time permanent 3. 9.39 8. 5.45
Service anywhere in the Sudan).
Trinidad Police Force 3. 9.39 2. 9.45
Zanzibar Police Force 3. 9.39 2. 9.45


65. Approved Civilian Categories

The qualification for the specially approved categories of uniformed civilians (para. 9 (i) ) eligible to qualify for campaign stars will be 28 days' service--

  1. in the area of an army operational command overseas, or
  2. overseas from or outside the country of residence in non-operational areas of enemy air attack or closely threatened (para. 55).

Service in the United Kingdom or in the territory of residence (other than in an army operational area) will not be a qualification.

66. Sea-going Service

  1. Qualifying service in the Merchant Navy is 28 days' service anywhere at sea during the qualifying period.
  2. Officers holding "time only" commissions in the R.N.V.R. (SP.) for duty with the Sea Cadet Corps are not eligible for the War Medal 1939-45, though they may have received pay for 28 days or more while attending camps and/or courses.

67. Foreign Subjects

Foreign subjects commissioned or enlisted into British Forces who do not receive a similar award to the War Medal 1939-45 form their own Governments are eligible to qualify for this medal.

Note. - The condition for the special awards of the War Medal 1939-45 are stated in Section I., para 10.

68. Emblem

The conditions for the award and method of wearing of the oak leaf emblem in respect of a Mention in Despatches or a Kings' Commendation are laid down in Army Order 109 of 1947.

Note. - A citation in command, etc., orders or a certificate for good service or a lesser distinction of a similar nature is not to be regarded as a King's Commendation.

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