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The Rhodesia Medal Regulations


Institution of
The Rhodesia Medal
Service In Rhodesia
1st December 1979 to 20th March 1980

Presented to Parliament by the Prime Minister
by Command of Her Majesty
August 1980




  1. The Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals have had under consideration the need for the general recognition for the valuable services rendered in Rhodesia during the period 1 December 1979 to 20 March 1980.
  2. Their recommendations have been duly submitted to The Queen who has graciously approved the recommendations set out below.

2. Approval has been given for the institution of a Rhodesia Medal for specified service in Rhodesia between 1 December 1979 and 20 March 1980, inclusive, as described below.

3. The Medal will be circular in form and in cupro-nickel. It will bear on the obverse the Crowned Effigy of Her Majesty. The design of the reverse and the medal ribbon are under consideration. The medal will be worn immediately after the Civil Defence Long Service Medal.

Military categories

Royal Navy

4. The qualification in the Royal Navy, including the Royal Marines, will be service of fourteen days on the posted strength of a unit or formation in Rhodesia.


5. The qualification in Army Forces will be service of fourteen days on the posted strength of a unit or formation in Rhodesia.

Royal Air Force


  1. The qualification in the RAF, other than aircrew, will be service of fourteen days on the posted strength of a unit or formation in Rhodesia.
  2. The qualification for aircrew will be participation in internal air operations in Rhodesia within the qualifying period.

7. Short Service

  1. The grant to persons described in paragraphs 4 to 6 above, for gallantry on a specific occasion during the uncompleted qualifying period, of a British Honour, Decoration or Medal of the status of the Queen's Gallantry Medal or above, or a Queen's Commendation, will qualify the recipient for the Rhodesia Medal.
  2. If qualifying service described in paragraphs 4 to 6 above, was brought to an end before completion, on account of death or evacuation owing to wounds or other disability due to service, the reduced period of service will be a qualification for the award.

Civilian categories

8. Members of certain civilian categories named below will be eligible for the Rhodesia Medal.

  1. The Governor, the Election Commissioner, the Police Adviser and all members of their respective staffs who have serviced in Rhodesia for a minimum of 14 days.
  2. All Police Officers from forces in Great Britain who served in Rhodesia assisting in the supervision of the polling.
  3. Ministry of Defence sponsored civilians who served with the Commonwealth Monitoring Force for whom the qualifying period of service will be fourteen days on the posted or attached strength of a military unit or formation in Rhodesia.


9. Awards will be approved forthwith for those who have qualified. The Medal will be issued as soon as possible.

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Kenya

10. The Governments of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Kenya have been informed of the arrangements, so that the Forces of those countries may participate should their respective Governments so desire.

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