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The South Vietnamese Campaign Medal Regulations



1. The Vietnamese Campaign Medal is awarded by the Republic of Vietnam to members of the Armed Forces of nations assisting the Government of Vietnam in their fight against armed aggression.

Permission to Accept and Wear the Medal

2. Her Majesty the Queen has given approval for entitled NZ Army Personnel to accept the medal, together with unrestricted permission for it to be worn.

Description of the Medal, Clasp and Ribbon

3. The medal is a gilt and enamelled12-pointed star, comprising a 6-point rayed star in gilt with a white enamelled 6-pointed star, edged in gilt, superimposed thereon. In the centre bearing a map of a gilt circlet having a green enamelled centre bearing a map of North and South Vietnam in gilt. Superimposed over the centre of the map is a cluster of flames in red enamel.

4. A date clasp in the form of a silver scroll bearing the date "1960-" is worn on the ribbon of the medal. When ribbons only are worn with undress uniform a small clasp bearing the date "60-" is worn on the medal ribbon. The clasp is to be fixed to the ribbon by pinning or sewing, as appropriate, so that it is fixed centrally on the ribbon with the straight sides of the scroll parallel to the vertical stripes of the ribbon.

5. The ribbon is one and three eighths inches in width, green in colour with three vertical white stripes.

Award of the Medal

6. The award of the medal is governed by the Joint General Staff RVNAF directive of 1 September 1965.

7. The qualifying period for award of the medal is 6 months service on the strength of a unit or formation in Vietnam. The full term will be waived where personnel are captured, wounded in action or killed on active service.

8. HQ NZ Army Force FAR EAST will submit quarterly returns in duplicate to Army HQ showing number, rank, initials, surname and corps of personnel qualified for the award of the medal, in accordance with the submissions made to Joint General Staff, RVNAF.

Issue of the Medal

9. The medal will be issued to duly qualified officers and soldiers on the authority of Army HQ.

10. DAG Army HQ and Commander NZ Army Force FAR EAST may approve "provisional" wearing of the ribbon pending issue of the medal.

Method of Wearing

11. The medal will be worn after all British awards and after any foreign orders and decorations and will be worn with other foreign medals in order of date of award to individuals concerned.


For the Army Board,

(Signed) Acting Deputy Secretary of Defence (Army)

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