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The Multinational Force and Observers Medal DIRECTIVE


Issued by the Director General No. 89-4

Signed: Wat T. Cluverius IV August 2, 1989

Revised 26 February 1992



  1. Purpose The purpose of this Directive is to establish MFO Policy concerning the system of MFO Awards.
  2. Scope This Directive applies to all elements of the MFO.
  3. General The MFO awards system is designed to recognise service with the MFO, including special recognition of outstanding acts or performance, by military and civilian members of the MFO, prime Sinai Support Contractor employees and individuals or organisations from outside the MFO who make a particular contribution to the organisation. MFO awards are to be worn in accordance with national rules and regulations.
  4. Type of Awards The system encompasses four awards:
    1. The Director General's Award The Director General's award is presented for outstanding service or action in support of the MFO. Consists of an inscribed MFO medal suspended from a ribbon, 1 3/8 inches wide of white colour with 1/16 inch borders and 3/16 centre stripe of MFO orange colour between two 3/16 inch green stripes, an accompanying miniature, lapel pin, and a certificate signed by the Director General.
    2. The MFO Medal The MFO Medal is presented for honourable duty with the MFO. Consists of a bronze medal, round in form, bearing the MFO emblem on the obverse, with the words ‘United in Service for Peace” on the reverse, suspended from a ribbon, 1 3/8 inches wide of MFO orange colour, with a 1/4 white stripe centred between two 1/16 inch vertical green stripes, with an accompanying miniature medal. Following initial award, numerals, to be attached to the MFO Medal ribbon, are awarded for subsequent periods of Sinai service.
    3. The MFO Civilian Service Medal The MFO Civilian Service Medal, a one-time award, is presented for honourable service with the MFO. Consists of a bronze medal, identical to that of the MFO medal, suspended from a ribbon, 1 3/8 inches wide, with a 3/8 inch white stripe centred between two 3/8 inch vertical green stripes bordered by 1/8 inch stripes of MFO orange, an accompanying lapel pin and certificate of service.
    4. The MFO Certificate of Appreciation The MFO Certificate of Appreciation is presented by or on behalf of the Director General in recognition of persons who have made a significant contribution to the MFO, extended the MFO significant cooperation in accomplishment of its mission, or who have through their actions demonstrated personal valour, heroism or dedication, beyond the call of duty. It may be conferred in cases in which the Director General's award would be inappropriate.
    5. The Force Commander's Certificate of Appreciation The Force Commander may recognise by a personal certificate of appreciation the contribution of any person that has facilitated and advanced, or reflects favourably upon, the mission of the MFO, including meritorious conduct by an MFO member, personal valour, heroism or unusual dedication in the course of MFO duties, and cooperation extended to the MFO by local officials.
  5. Criteria for Award
    1. The Director General's Award The award may be presented by the Director General to an MFO member, military or civilian, or any other individual deemed appropriate by him, whose overall excellence of performance and/or unique contribution significantly advances the purpose and achievement of the MFO mission. As a general rule, no more than three such medals will be awarded annually. TO be considered eligible, the nominee should have made an exceptional contribution to the MFO, above and beyond the normal and reasonable professional expectations of the position function or relationship to the MFO, as the case may be, in any of the following areas:
      1. Achievement of outstanding results in increased productivity, increased efficiency, and economy of operations which resulted in a significant contribution of the furtherance of the MFO mission;
      2. Demonstration of exceptional leadership or professional competence in attaining and exceeding MFO goals;
      3. Achievement and innovation in the areas of management operations or support within the MFO; and/or
      4. Particularly for non-MFO recipients, provision of outstanding service to, or support of, the MFO mission of peace.
    2. The MFO Medal - Initial Award The MFO Medal is a meritorious service medal which is awarded to military and observer members of the Force in recognition of honourable performance of duty with the MFO. Eligibility for initial award of the MFO Medal will be six months (minimum 170 days) of honourable duty. However, eligibility for the initial award will be considered satisfied in the event that:
      1. The award is to be made posthumously; or
      2. The member is medically repatriated due to MFO service - incurred injuries or illness; or
      3. The member completes a contingent tour of less than six months, as agreed between the Director General and the respective Participating State.
    3. The MFO Medal - Numerals The MFO Medal can be awarded only once to a member. Subsequent to that award, a member will be eligible for the award of consecutive numerals to denote each additional six month (minimum 170 days) period of service.
    4. The MFO Civilian Service Medal The MFO Civilian Service Medal is awarded to MFO Civilian staff members not eligible for the MFO Medal, and to members of the prime Sinai Support Contractor staff in recognition of honourable service at any MFO location. Eligibility for this award will be the satisfactory completion of 12 months (minimum 360 days) of contract service with the MFO in any of its installations. However, eligibility will be considered satisfied in the event that:
      1. The award is to be made posthumously; or
      2. The member becomes medially unfit for further service with the MFO or the prime Sinai Support Contractor due to service-incurred injuries or illness.
    5. The MFO Certificate of Appreciation Nominees are to have made a significant contribution to the MFO in support of its peace-keeping mission which, in the opinion of the nominating officer, is worthy of special recognition. Vendors or contractors who profit from their relationship with the MFO will not generally be eligible for nomination.

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