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The Australian Meritorious Unit Citation



1. The Australian Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC) is awarded to a unit for sustained outstanding service in warlike operations. While it is an Australian award, provision exists for it to be awarded to units or sub-units of the defence forces of other countries.

2. The Australian Government recently advised of its intention to award the MUC to 3 Squadron RNZAF in recognition of the service the unit provided in East Timor to the Australian-led International Force in East Timor, and to successive Australian and New Zealand battalions thereafter. The timeframe covered by the award is 20 September 1999 to 30 November 2002.

3. The Prime Minister has approved the acceptance of the MUC by 3 Squadron RNZAF, and has agreed to the award being worn as a dress embellishment by unit members.


4. The purpose of this directive is to detail the provisions surrounding the acceptance of the MUC, and the wearing of the insignia of the Citation by members of 3 Squadron RNZAF.

Description of the Award

5. The MUC comprises an award of a Certificate of Citation to a Unit signed by the Governor-General of Australia and an insignia of the Citation worn by members of the Unit.

Insignia Design

6. The insignia of the Citation is a rhodium plated sterling silver rectangular frame 32 millimetres wide and 15 millimetres deep surrounding a ribbon bar of old gold 28 millimetres wide and 10 millimetres deep with a design of flames emanating from the frames outer edge to the centre.

7. A rhodium plated sterling silver Federation Star 7 millimetres in diameter is placed at the centre of the ribbon bar in accordance with paragraph 10a.

8. The insignia miniature is a two-thirds size replica of the insignia of the Citation surrounding a miniature ribbon bar 18 millimetres wide.

Wearing of the Award

9. The acceptance of the MUC is in accordance with established provisions. Precedence exists within the NZDF for the acceptance and wearing of such an award. Members of 161 Battery, Royal New Zealand Artillery, wear the United States Meritorious Commendation awarded for the support provided by the unit to the United States Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade during combat operations in Vietnam. Personnel who served with 173rd Airborne Brigade may wear the distinction at all times. Other members of 161 Battery may wear the distinction while they are serving with the unit.

10. The MUC insignia is to be worn, based on the above precedence, in the following manner--

  1. Each person who was posted or attached to 3 Squadron RNZAF or was the Commanding Officer or under command of the Commanding Officer of the Rotary Wing Unit of New Zealand Forces East Timor during the period prescribed in paragraph 2 of this Directive, whether serving in New Zealand or East Timor, is entitled to wear the insignia of the Citation and Federation Star on an ongoing basis, regardless of the unit that they may be subsequently posted to. This provides recognition that the person was a member of the unit during the service for which the citation was awarded.
  2. A person who is posted or attached to 3 Squadron RNZAF after the period prescribed in paragraph 2 of this Directive is entitled to wear the insignia of the Citation without the Federation Star only while he or she remains posted or attached to the unit. The wearing of the insignia in this manner provides recognition of service with 3 Squadron RNZAF, which has been honoured by the award of the MUC.

11. The insignia of the Citation is to be worn in accordance with the appropriate Service dress regulations whenever orders, decorations and medals or ribbons are worn. The insignia is to be worn on the right breast, above the nametag and centred. If a Chief of Defence Force or Service Chief commendation is also worn, the MUC is to be centred above the commendation, and both are to be placed above the nametag.


12. Copies of the Regulations and Determination for Australian Unit Citations will be placed on the Personnel Branch [HQNZDF] Intranet site.

(Signed) B.R. FERGUSON Air Marshal Chief of Defence Force

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